Green illumination

25 iulie 2011

The LED illumination is honored as the 21st century’s green illumination product, now the world vision focuses nearly on this new illumination tool, it compares with the traditional illumination, has the incomparable superiority:

1, LED display monitor price is high-purity, bright and rich color.Number increases
At present the LED illumination product has covered the entire obvious spectral region nearly, and the color purity is high, but obtains the colored light the traditional way is the incandescent lamp adds the light filter, reduced the light effect greatly;

2, ultra long lives. The LED illumination’s actual life has surpassed for 50,000 hours, is traditional illumination several times of even several dozens times; in

the 3, photo sources does not have the mercury, in the light beam not to contain the ultraviolet ray. The LED illumination is the solid illumination photo source,LED lamp’s
the green bosom, is suitable specially for the perfume shop, the slum joint, the museum, the art museum and so on specialized place, may satisfy its demonstration commodity to the illumination special request;

the 4, state system illuminations, the earthquake resistance performance is good, reliable reliable;

the 5, energy conservation, the economy, exempts the maintenance;

6, dynamic color controls, light and shade adjustable, three primary color’s LED illumination combinations may use PWM to realize the color change;

7, Shenzhen LED the display monitor LED illumination has the very strong illumination directivity, the luminous flux use factor is high, and the volume is small, easy lamps and lanterns’ outward appearance design and light intensity distributed control;

8th, the LED illumination may use the direct-current low pressure power supply, safe reliable;

9, LED illuminations are not started the humidity the limit, but the instant starts, generally is several ms, and can the instant achieve the entire luminous flux output. is precisely because the LED illumination has with the tradition illuminates the incomparable superiority, but its application domain so is also widespread, caused the LED illumination to have the very general market development space, also urged more and more enterprises to enter the LED illumination domain, was engaged in LED illumination work and so on product research and development, production and sale.

produced the LED display monitor factory to work out the long-term developmental strategy plan, carried out the high quality, the fine craft,hotel interior design
the heavy good faith, the superior service the management idea, take made into the world the biggest LED electro-optic product operation enterprise as a goal, passed the Pu person to form warmly take, sincere, has felt grateful responsibly, as the core enterprise values, advanced together hand in hand because of each other approval, because of cultural fusion, but considerable development.

Has laid the solid foundation for company’s steady progression. The company market localization is clear, the technology innovates unceasingly, the management idea and the international synchronization.


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