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17 august 2011

11 National Days must approach. Seven day of vacation and the cool pleasant weather are the excellent time which the new person wedding dresses
The nuptial dress is the bridal most important decoration. If has not had custom-made the nuptial dress, or how regarding to choose the nuptial dress not to have the opinion, might as well has a look at the nuptial dress the knowledge.

The lining is a section of nuptial dress soul, the nuptial dress has custom-made from knows the lining start. First, nuptial dress lining The nuptial dress lining mainly has the satin, the thick satin, the bright satin, the flower bud silk, the crystal gauze, Ou Gensha, the grid gauze and so on. The homogeneous lining also has difference the import and the domestically produced, the import also has European and the Japanese and South Korean two ranks. 1. satin facing nuptial dress The satin series’s nuptial dress, imports the thick satin to add an inside lining generally namely to be possible to achieve the very good effect, if adds on the good skirt brace again, then can more perfect pretty.

If the ordinary bright satin, only adds an inside lining, will appear frail, suggested that will choose above 3 the skirt brace which will do with the hard gauze, if will use general common makes the system by the plastic the skirt brace, very will obviously see from the nuptial dress the annular skirt will support the trace, will obstruct artisticly.

Lining characteristic: Most commonly used nuptial dress lining. The quality of material is thick, the draping good has the heavy feeling of quantity,cheap women’s shoes
to maintain warmth the nature to be strong, suits spring the autumn and time the winter hold wedding ceremony selects. Suits the design: Compared with suitable to manifest the line feeling emphatically a character and the fish tail funds nuptial dress, can express the grand feeling.

Has the palace type which the pearly luster felt or the greatly trailing design’s nuptial dress wild commonly used thick satin manufactures. Approximate price: Has division domestically produced and the import, the domestically produced lining manufacture simple design price comes, the import lining is slightly expensive.

2. flower bud silk nuptial dress Lining characteristic: The flower bud silk is originally uses as the supplementary material, has the fine vulture fine-pointed finish luxurious feeling and manifests the romantic breath the special characteristic, at present as mother stock frequency rise. Suits the design:

Generally uses in the straight body or has in the small trailing design, covers above other lining, fits nicely appears bride’s exquisite stature,cheap fashion jewelry
if serves as supplementary material any design to be possible to use. Approximate price: The overseas actually French flower bud silk price is quite especially high, domestically produced flower bud silk cheap many, the overall price is also medium or on 3. pure silk nuptial dress

Lining characteristic: Has the out of the ordinary gloss feeling, the quality of material is frivolous, the soft feel is smooth, has the most natural noble breath, spins the lining with the snow is the summer wedding ceremony’s first choice lining. Suits the design: Also suits the design succinct fashion the straight body or the fish tail funds (is certainly opposite to stature request is high), also suitable to use in the Greek type straight body design or the decoration simple palace type. Approximate price:

At present almost when the price highest nuptial dress manufacture lining, some 100% raw silk, the silk broadcloth, the pure silk double cocoon and so on several kinds, the price also has the difference approximately. 4. gauze nature nuptial dress Regarding the gauze series’s nuptial dress, the level this concept is very often important. When selects and purchases the gauze series, in the economic capacity permission’s situation, do not choose four gauze following products.

Because the layer are too few, will cause the nuptial dress will seem is withered, is listless, will be not very tall and sturdy, is fluffy,wholesale fashion jewellery will be unable radically the body spot textile nature lining lithely, romantic, the illusioned feeling. Lining characteristic: The use is diverse, may use for to make the main lining, may also do for the supplementary material application in partial, quality of material gentle elegant, can display the romantic dim esthetic sense, each kind of season is appropriate. Suits the design: Exaggeration atmosphere stack-up design, princess palace design. May also alone the big area use in the nuptial dress long on trailing, if is the tight-fitting design may take the simple cover gauze cover on the main lining. Approximate price:

Is different according to the quality of material, the price also has the disparity, imports Ou Gensha to be relatively high, overall price medium on, the ordinary domestically produced gauze nature like organdy and so on is cheaper. Second, the bridal veil is very important The veil material many are the grid gauze According to degree of hardness, divides into the hard gauze and the soft gauze Hard gauze characteristic:

The grid is big, degree of hardness, may compose the very loose effect. Soft gauze characteristic: Suffices elegantly, suffices to hang is suitable. If the custom make nuptial dress, the veil should better make to order together with the nuptial dress, according to nuptial dress detail characteristic, either adds on the similar color satin, either the same lace, may have the coordinated unification the perfect effect. Third, the nuptial dress matches plays the part of – - the glove The glove divides into according to the design: Long funds, funds and shortfall Divides into according to the style:

All refers to, the dew to refer to Divides into according to the lining: Flower bud silk, gauze, satin Chooses glove’s principle is unifies coordinated with the nuptial dress, no matter from the design, the material quality or the color must with the nuptial dress matching harmony. Through its serving as contrast, causes your nuptial dress to be more perfect.

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