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21 septembrie 2011

The price is soaring ??The price is the consumer purchases in the behavior the most sensitive factor, is also the environment of competition “the watershed”. At present, because the LED core’s chip technology still grasped in the overseas big player, the domestic LED product’s manufacturing cost stays at a high level, this causes the LED lamps and lanterns in the terminal market not in the least the price competition superiority.

A fluorescent tube,
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conserves energy the lamp, so long as several dollars, several dollars, but LED lamps and lanterns need over a hundred Yuan, this regarding the general consumers, accepts with difficulty. Therefore, although the LED lamps and lanterns’ total cost (including acquisition cost + energy cost + maintenance cost + reject processing cost) is lower than the incandescent lamp and the fluorescent lamp, but the consumer still take the acquisition cost as the choice standard, not too cares about the high quality or the multi-purpose characteristics.

Adds the consumer also easy to produce in the expense thought einstellung to the original old product, simultaneously worried that will purchase the new product to bring the indefinite loss and the risk for oneself, therefore, LED lamps and lanterns not yet in civil market introduction popularization application. If the LED illumination product only responds project class demand,LED Flood Light Manufacturer
the LED exclusive agency’s start also appears is unimportant.

?Lacks the professional ??Because the LED technique content is high, and belongs to the emerging sunrise industry, at present, LED is facing the specialty, high-end talented person’s deficient awkwardness, but this to a certain extent has also affected the LED exclusive agency construction. The traditional lamps and lanterns technique content is low, leads buying to pass through training slightly, may the product function, the characteristic, the application method and so on clear perspicuity transmit for the customer.

As a result of LED the product particularity, at present, many factory bosses, the clerk to the LED related technology, the product characteristic are at the condition which smatters, regardless to the business, led buying to carry on corresponding training. LED Ceiling Light Manufacturer The consumer are really at the same time few to the LED understanding, needs specialized to lead buys the personnel to illustrate the product the superiority and the characteristic; On the other hand, the existing sales personnels actually with difficulty are competent this heavy responsibility, this increased the exclusive agency management difficulty without doubt.

??Must open the LED exclusive agency, the factory and the business must pour into the specialized talented person for it, strengthens to LED specialized knowledge training, strengthens them to the profession new product development tendency attention and the insight, and through regular training, lets them have provides the illumination solution for the customer the ability. Specialized leads buys the talented person is enhances the exclusive agency sales volume the key aspect, if this soft strength cannot follow, then restricts the exclusive agency inevitably the development.

Brand vacancy ??Regarding the exclusive agency,cat6 product manufacturer it requests to be quite standard generally, unified, the standard image and the operation mechanism, this requests the LED factory to have the high brand influence and market operation ability, can business’s daily management, the management provide various aspects the instruction. At present, LED emerges the time also only then 2-3 years, the domestic well-known illumination enterprise was still in the LED initial period the research and development, the production base, in the market has the influence LED brand not yet to appear, the LED market was still at one kind of feudal lord tangled warfare’s condition.

The product quality irregular, lacks the leadership brand, this causes many businesses to choose time the LED cooperation factory appears very confused. Some LED exclusive agency which knows by the author, in its shop acts the LED brand much reaches more than 10, and is some 23 brands. This promiscuous condition, is very different to our LED exclusive agency in the true sense.

??The product localization is undefined ??The preceding period of time, the author had once visited the Jiangmen some energy conservation lamp enterprise. This enterprise is preparing to promote the LED project. In this enterprise’s LED product demonstration hall, the author saw the outdoor lighting uses the LED street light, places and so on market supermarket use the LED tube lamp, the spotlight as well as live at with products and so on LED indirect lighting have it all. At present, many enterprises when starts the LED project pursue one-sidedly big and complete, no matter is the outdoor lighting, interior lighting, no matter is the high efficiency, low power, so long as is LED on.

Also some enterprises are “eat what is offered”, every can make money to do. However, manages the exclusive agency, then the request product has the defined localization, and unifies consumer’s demand to carry on the segmentation, in view of the different function, the different environment carries on the varying degree to the product essential factor the variation combination. Thus, is only then advantageous to the exclusive agency later period’s propaganda and the market development.

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